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Proceeds to Benefit to BA-FCA

Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association will now accept and sell donated cemetery plots and niches to raise money for educational projects. Currently BA-FCA has the following cemetery property for sale:

Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose, CA 
Garden of Peace, Lot 1145 

Double Depth interment space for two people, lawn crypt, and endowment fee are included. Current market value for package is $13,900. Sale price $9,885. 

The plot is in a garden bounded by three mausoleums and a cemetery road. A bench under trees is close by this secluded site. The James family donated the plot since both parents (the owners) decided on another plan.

If interested, please call our office at 650-321-2109.


​If you have a cemetery plot that you or your family will not be using, consider donating it to BA-FCA where its resale will benefit our organization. Because BA-FCA is a 501c3 non-profit, donations to us are fully tax deductible.

You may use this FORM to collect information about the plot so that we can start the donation process. Print out the form and provide the information requested. You may mail it to BA-FCA, PO Box 60448, Palo Alto, CA 94306, or you may scan the completed form and mail it to us at office@bafca.org.

If you have questions, please email us or call us during office hours at 650-321-2109.

The proceeds of this program will be used to enhance the BA-FCA educations presentations, publications and public service.

Garden of Peace