Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association (BA-FCA)

The Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association*(BA-FCA) is the local affiliate of the national nonprofit Funeral Consumers Alliance dedicated to protecting the right to choose meaningful, dignified, affordable death care.
This BA-FCA affiliate offers information on:
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We are a non-profit organization
dedicated to protecting the right to choose meaningful, dignified, affordable death care, and to providing information to help make these choices.
Your financial support helps us help you.
We also:
  • provide speakers at no charge to groups wishing to learn about death care planning and options
  • monitor local funeral industry trends and practices  
  • serve as a consumer advocate for legal and regulatory reform, giving advice on or lobbying for necessary changes locally, state-wide, or nationally 

Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association (BA-FCA) is a 501c3 non-profit, public benefit corporation. It was formerly named Funeral Education Foundation (FEF), and was co-run (see details) with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, whose previous names include the Peninsula Funeral and Memorial Society. (We’ve been around since 1952!)

NOTE: it will take us a while to update all the pages to adjust the references from FCA/FEF to BA-FCA--please don't be confused if the old name is still on some pages.

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